Yin targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones. Passive poses will offer stretching, lengthening, flexibility, stability and strength. This class is prop friendly, as they are tools to help you achieve and feel a different level of  awareness of yourself, mind and body.

This class and style is excellent to reduce injury and recover more quickly, as it is complementary to our Hot 26, Vinyasa and Fusion and the hustle life has to offer, Go, Go, Go!!! Yin guides you mentally and physically to Slow, Slow, Slow!!! Postures are held for extended periods to achieve peace in your mind, body and soul through sometimes poses that cause discomfort.

The room is cooler to promote awakening in the deep connective tissues and fascia, not heated and perfect for before or after your hot class, end of the day or week.The temperature is usually room temperature around 78 degree setting and is offered for all levels and experiences. Crystal sound bowls are used during this 75 minute journey, which are tuned and aligned with your chakras and meridian channels of your body, which have profound healing and medicinal effects.