My yoga journey started about 25 years ago. I had recently moved into a military base in the middle of nowhere. I was pregnant with my first child and learned he would be born disabled. I began studying alternative health methods, meditation, and yoga as a coping mechanism. I started out with a Rodney Yee videotape I watched and followed two times a day. After moving back to the PNW, my practice continued. Following a debilitating hip injury, I really honed in on using yoga for it’s healing properties. This expanded into a desire to help others heal. Whether it’s a physical injury or a mental one, I made it my goal to help others find their way to health and wellness. I have studied extensively into human movement, healing, and mental well-being. I’ve supplemented my education with nutrition, mindfulness and more. All of these modalities combined help me help you find your wellness. Whether we are moving to use excess energy, or remaining still to find more, every class I teach will leave you filling fulfilled and ready for any challenges life gives you.