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I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for six years. Until I realized how big of an impact yoga was for my mental, spiritual, and physical health. I started practicing religiously for about two years now.

I was taking medicine for my anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. The medicine was helping, but i was feeling numb to my life. Instead of feeling stressed or anxious, I wasn’t feeling at all. I wanted to play an active role in my life. I felt as if the medication I was taking was putting me in the passenger seat of my life and I wanted to be the driver. I remembered how much yoga positively impacted my life when it was a part of my everyday regimen. I was glowing from the inside out. I learned the power of Prana. Our breath, our life source. It brought calm to the chaos life can bring.

I started practicing daily again, tossed all medicines in the trash and have been feeling exuberant. I was a medical assistant, on my way into more schooling to further my career in something I wasn’t fully supporting anymore. Yoga became my push for healing and better health for others. I felt as if I found the magic everyone was searching for and I was over zealous. I needed to share yoga and help others heal and transform their lives on and off their mat.

I teach Hot 26& 2 as well as vinyasa or fusion. My favorite practice is Hot 26& 2 because you know you’re working every part of your body and nothing is getting missed with this practice. I leave knowing every part of my body has been brought focus, energy and awareness. Hope to see you in class.