My name is Keith, and I started my yoga journey in April 2021.  My journey began after reading about the transformative power of yoga in, “The Body Keeps the Score.” I embarked on a daily yoga practice in April 2021. Each mindful movement and breath became a doorway, not just to physical postures, but to a deeper understanding of myself. Yoga helped me reconnect with my body, manage stress, and find peace within.  And honestly, I have not missed a day since! That’s because I’ve witnessed firsthand the healing properties and benefits of yoga for myself and others.  Witnessing this transformation firsthand, it inspired me to become a yoga teacher.  I completed a 200-hour training in November 2022 eager to guide others on their own journeys to reconnect with themselves. Learning never stops. To further my understanding, I’m currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, which enables a person to be able to go deeper into movement and the body. With each practice we can reclaim control over our bodies and mind and build confidence in our inner resilience.   Whether you are seeking an understanding of yourself, a reconnection with your body, or just a workout, I encourage you to find a place on your mat and explore the healing power of connecting with your body.