Inspired by my love for people, I spent many years instructing and participating in various types of activity classes (swimming, step class, dance class, weights, etc.) which have all contributed to my health and well being. However; I found myself yearning for more. In 2014, I became enlightened with yoga, which impacted my life in such a positive way. This special form of exercise united my mental and physical well being, in a way that I felt harmony in my body’s natural physical state. After being asked numerous times to become an instructor, I finally decided to take this passion that I had for practicing yoga to the next level and become a certified yoga instructor.

This desire to help, guide and transform students is a wonderful gift. I am blessed everyday to walk through the door at Lakewood Hot Yoga studio where my goal as an instructor is to teach, expand and enrich other individuals with their own yoga practice and find the strength, stillness and peace within themselves. Serving this community with love and compassion has definitely built relationships where we are able to bond and take this yoga journey together.

Thank you,