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Our teachers genuinely trust and believe in what they share, as we are all teachers helping one another. Get to know YOUR teachers, their journey and experiences through yoga.


I started practicing Bikram yoga in March 2001 and loved it from the beginning. I felt the benefits immediately. I found it challenging yet very rewarding at the same time. I felt balance in both my mind and body leaving me feeling energized after I practiced. I noticed my body transform and my skin just glowed.



Hello everyone, my name is Justin Scott Kollmann. Yoga has changed my life into waking up everyday with a purpose and an excitement to do what I love. More importantly, yoga made me feel again, to detach from my everyday routine and cycle and go inward, and find self acceptance and discovery. Yoga gave me the comfort and sensations sports gave me growing up which allowed a vacation or that tuning out, that time out to be free.

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I started my yoga journey in 2012 and to be honest, I didn’t even make it 35 minutes into class. Like any beginner new to the heat, I was riddled with horrible self talk preventing me from just enjoying the moment, things like..
 “When will it be over?”, “I can’t do this”,  “What’s wrong with me?”, “Everybody else is doing fine”. Through yoga, I learned to recognize the voice inside, accept myself and to find joy in every moment. With that new awareness, my self talk began to change…



Inspired by my love for people, I spent many years instructing and participating in various types of activity classes (swimming, step class, dance class, weights, etc.) which have all contributed to my health and well being. However; I found myself yearning for more.


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I started my yoga journey in high school, but it wasn’t until 2015 that I discovered hot yoga and was hooked. Over the years I had the honor of experiencing many beautiful studios and inspiring teachers.



I started practicing yoga to get back in shape after giving birth to my daughter. Just like any beginner yogi, I practiced at home using instructional home videos. The first time I step into an actual yoga studio, years later, it was Hot Yoga 26+2 class (Bikram). Little did I know that first class would change my life forever.


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I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for six years. Until I realized how big of an impact yoga was for my mental, spiritual, and physical health. I started practicing religiously for about two years now.



I am an outdoor enthusiast and authentic wellness seeker. I discovered yoga in 2013 and quickly jumped into teaching within the same year. Since then, I’ve trained and specialized in prenatal yoga, trauma-centered yoga and I also work as a holistic health coach. Community connection is one of my passions. To help heal and unite the world – one interaction at a time. I love guiding strength and stability building but I also have a soft spot for restorative movement. Through my offerings, I’ve found a wonderful balance of the two.