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I started practicing yoga to get back in shape after giving birth to my daughter. Just like any beginner yogi, I practiced at home using instructional home videos. The first time I step into an actual yoga studio, years later, it was Hot Yoga 26+2 class (Bikram). Little did I know that first class would change my life forever.

The live yoga class challenged me in more ways both physically and mentally than any home video class I have ever taken.  I decided then and there to practice regularly and I haven’t looked back.  The daily interactions with various yoga instructors and other yogis resulted in faster gains and improvement in my own practice.  Beyond that, yoga gave me the opportunity to look at life more objectively and make better choices with greater awareness.

After almost 15 years of being a dedicated student of yoga, and seeing how much that class helped me, I decided I wanted to share these benefits with others by becoming a teacher. I also recognized that the best student doesn’t automatically make you a great teacher so, once again, I set out to learn and experience more.

Now, with my 500 hour teaching certification in hand and 300+ hours of teaching experience, I not only know how to do yoga but I know how to support my students in their journey while maximizing their progress. I love connecting with them, supporting them with their yoga and non-yoga goals, challenging them, and tailoring their journey to their specific needs, goals, and limitations. I hope to help every one of them achieve more success, more happiness, greater peace, and aid in their discovery of what is possible, all through yoga. Namaste.