Has someone ever ask you for your favorite movies and you instantly forget every movie you’ve ever seen in your entire life? I’m currently experiencing that with writing this bio. I don’t think I know anything about myself …. Good thing we have yoga to help figure that out! Do yoga -> more self-awareness. More self-aware -> more in tune with our responses and reactions to things. In tune with our responses -> better equipped to deal with problems, and easier to fully bask in the happy moments. Yoga is just a way of getting to know ourselves, so that we can prepare ourselves to be as peaceful as possible in this chaotic world. 

I was hooked immediately when I took my first hot yoga class. It was a physical challenge unlike any I had experienced. It was a new form of mediation I had never done. And there was simply a feeling inside of me that I knew I needed to follow whatever path yoga would lay out for me.

Since then, this beautiful and ancient practice has brought nothing but Love and Growth into my life. The yoga community is full of kind, open minded, and positive people. I’ve learned a ton – both about myself and about the practice itself. Life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but yoga has helped by giving me the tools to move through obstacles with grace and patience.

After falling in Love with the practice, I knew I wanted to be able to bring the beautiful internal feelings to the external world and people around me. I like to think that we receive simply so we may give, and we learn so we may teach. I’ve been blessed enough to do all of these things through yoga, and I am infinitely grateful for LHY and other studios for providing awesome opportunities. 

If you got this far, I truly appreciate you reading. I wish you nothing but Love and Light as you go about your day. And I encourage you to make a date with your mat. Whether that be with us here at LHY, or wherever else the Universe may guide your path, find a way to bring some form of yoga into your life. I promise you it fits somewhere. Namaste, my friends.